About TZK

TZK Capital is a relationship–driven company focused on the efficient brokering of financial institution loan portfolios.

TZK Capital specializes in brokering high-credit quality performing loans, primarily bank to bank, with an emphasis on real estate backed loans.

  • Multifamily
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential
  • CRA
President Darin Batchelder

Darin Batchelder, President

Mr. Batchelder is the President and Founder and brings twenty years of finance and sales experience to TZK Capital. He has extensive experience in developing and managing complex sales transactions and places a high priority on developing long–term relationships.

Prior to establishing TZK Capital, Mr. Batchelder was responsible for the sale of residential and multifamily whole loan pools for ABN AMRO Mortgage Capital Markets Group and was involved in over $4 billion in loan portfolio transactions. Mr. Batchelder is a Certified Public Accountant and began his career with Price Waterhouse and PepsiCo where he was responsible for providing senior executives with business improvement recommendations. He subsequently moved into the sales arena working for Computer Associates and eCredit.com, providing finance executives with financial and credit underwriting software solutions that helped customers increase sales and implement process improvement.

Mr. Batchelder is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

Why TZK Capital?

TZK Capital has relationships with a broad, national network of institutional buyers and sellers, consisting mainly of banks, insurance companies and REITs. The buying institutions are each looking for high–quality performing loans to purchase either as participations or as whole loans. Each financial institution has different requirements when looking at loan purchases including; geography, product type, credit and yield requirements. Understanding these requirements are key to matching the right buyer with the right seller.

Experience Matters

  • Loan Portfolio Specialist
  • We understand the process and complexity in trading loans
  • We understand how portfolios are priced and traded
  • Relationship Driven
  • Integrity of Service