TZK Capital matches the buyer and seller of loan portfolios, ensuring each institution meets its operational and financial goals for the transaction

Who We Serve?

  • Both sellers and buyers of loan portfolios
  • Specialize in strong credit quality performing loan portfolios backed by real estate
  • Banks comprise the majority of our customers. We also work with insurance companies, Reits, originators and private equity funds.

How we work with sellers?

We help devise a marketing plan ensuring the plan is aligned with the seller’s goals. We market according to the plan agreed upon and act as an outsourced salesforce. We are relationship focused and communicate throughout the process. We provide color on what we are seeing trade in the whole loan market and how the loan portfolio being marketed is being perceived by prospective buyers. We are a results driven organization.

Why do financial institutions sell high-credit quality performing loans?

  • Capital constraints are restricting growth
  • Increase liquidity
  • Book gains
  • Find new buyers as securitization market slows
  • Maintain maximum allocations to a particular asset type or geography
  • Perform loan portfolio management after an acquisition of another financial institution

How we work with buyers?

We present whole loan opportunities that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Buyers typically focus in on the following:

  • Geography
  • Asset type
  • Credit
  • Yield

We are relationship focused and learn what types of deals work for each buyer.